Replica watches-Patek Philippe details are also folding clasp

In terms of features and price points, the Fifty Six collection comes in many different versions and fits every need. If you don't have a strong budget, you can refer to a few models of the Fifty Six automatic three-handle-calendar with steel cases. More advanced, we have the steel-cased Day-Date or three hands and a solid gold calendar fake watches. For those who prefer complicated features and have a budget, Fifty Six also has a Tourbillon line to satisfy their conquest.

If the Vacheron Constantin logo is a Maltese cross, the replica Patek Philippe logo is also a cross - Calatrava. It is also a symbol associated with the Renaissance, representing the temple knights fighting to defend the fortress of Calatrava.

Likewise, the detail that makes many people recognize a Patek Philippe is also the folding clasp. On this buckle is the Calatrava cross symbol, with extremely delicate winding lines. However, many players in Vietnam often call this detail with a more rustic name - asterisk key.

There are similarities, but Calatrava also has many differences from the Fifty Six. The first is the minimum price as we mentioned above. Second, since replica Patek Philippe watches limits the features of this collection, the maximum price will not be as high as the Fifty Six. Calatrava models are only capable of displaying basic hours and minutes, sometimes adding a date calendar for added convenience. Features like Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar they put in another collection.

The Vacheron Constantin collection is named after the year of the original watch, replica Patek Philippe is named after the brand's emblem, and Audemars Piguet is named after the brand's founder. The person we are talking about here is Jules Louis Audemars, who together with Edward Auguste Piguet created Audemars Piguet in 1875. Referring to Audemars Piguet, players often think only of Royal Oak. Indeed, this collection saved the brand's life, helping them avoid bankruptcy or falling into the hands of a certain corporation. However, because of this great success, players will forget that Audemars Piguet has other collections.