Our Philosophy

Kwattzero aims at promoting local resources, adopting the most advanced technological solutions in the agricultural-food sector.  Every Kwattzero product has been devised  to meet today’s requirements for healthy food and wellbeing, as a result of a common interest shared by both ends of the supply chain: producers on the one hand and selective, demanding consumers on the other.

The idea of sharing belongs to Kwattzero history: Simone and Giorgio have always conceived partnership a business model.  As a result of the present economic situation, many skilled producers are ready to cooperate with other companies to promote their productive potential and their experience. Thus  Kwattzero has mainly focussed on selecting potential partners for its innovative production rather than building its own facilities, networking to promote the peculiarities of every single ring in the supply chain from raw materials to end products.

Kwattzero is now similarly looking for strong, market-oriented partnerships to market its innovative products through an efficient communication policy targeted on end consumers.